Leanne – Australia

I have a special story for 10 years of I’m Not Dead.

In 2006 I was 13 years old. I was in my first year of high school and starting to see beyond the world my parents had constructed for me. I was a nerdy bookworm who did not fit the image that was promoted to teen girls at the time. The first I really heard of P!nk was her first single from I’m Not Dead, which was Stupid Girls. This was the beginning of a love affair with someone who said what I was thinking and gave me strength, knowing I was no longer totally alone. My favourite songs from the album were (and nostalgically still are) Long Way To Happy, Runaway, and Conversations With My Thirteen Year Old Self. Long Way To Happy is the song of a fighter. The angst and pain is raw, but provides hope that the battle can be won. Runaway is a vulnerable insight into P!nk’s childhood which I could relate to. Conversations With My Thirteen Year Old Self was a huge song for me. I was thirteen years old when it was released and so I could hear P!nk sing my story. It was like hearing from my future self. It was so deeply personal and became my song of strength, hope and resilience. I did love all the tracks off the album, including the more upbeat songs like U + Ur Hand which were the “F**k off songs” and of course I found the message of Stupid Girls incredibly significant, however it was the battle component of the above three mentioned songs that were particularly special to me.

When I heard that P!nk was touring my local city on her I’m Not Dead Tour and that one of her concert dates fell on my 14th birthday in 2007, I was desperate to go. I begged my mum but she didn’t let me go. Months later when the concert came around and I complained about her decision she said that I could have gone if I had asked. She had completely forgotten that I did ask (repeatedly) and that she had refused. By then it was too late as it was only a few days before the concert. I was so upset and annoyed at her. In a way though it all turned out ok, as it was extra special when I did get to see P!nk twice in 2013 after waiting so long to see her live. After seeing the I’m Not Dead tour DVD and experiencing one of her concerts, I admit that I would have been overwhelmed and freaked out by the experience if I had gone to see P!nk in 2007. I think that the tour DVD is great although comparing it to the later Funhouse Tour it is obvious how the colour theme for I’m Not Dead was black. My fave part is of course the acoustic set, particularly when she sings the Linda Perry song What’s Up/ What’s Going On and you can hear the crowd sing along. All of her acoustic sessions are amazing. I also love the Spanish themed version of There You Go and her cute little solo dance towards the end of the song.

I can’t believe that it has already been 10 years, but the math does add up as I am soon turning 23. I am thankful to have had P!nk in the last 10 years of my life and hope to hear more from her soon.

Leanne (from Australia)

PS – Thanks again for helping me get a re-tweet and reply from P!nk in 2013. I will always be indebted to you for that. I have attached two screen shots of it, as you probably don’t remember. Being personally noticed by her means a lot, and nothing that happens can ever take it away from me.