Fan Stories

What is YOUR Pink History? Tell us your fan stories and email them to pinkhistory@hotmail.comto feature on this website. Each story will be posted as a blog post on the front page of this website and also archived with links posted on this page.

Below is a list of fan story ideas, you don’t have to include all of these in your emails, you can even send more than one story and don’t forget to send in photos as well (if you are sending in your own concert photos and want other fans to know they are yours, please tag them with your name/username, if you’re unsure how to do that, just ask me and I can do it for you)

Send each story as a couple of paragraphs, if you have a few stories please feel free to send them in separately (for example, your first Pink concert may be a completely different story to why an album may have a special meaning to you)

  • Your first ever Pink concert. How did you feel seeing Pink for the very first time? Where & when was the concert?
  • A special memory from a Pink concert. Did you get eye contact with Pink? Give her a gift? Take a friend along who converted into a fan after seeing the concert?
  • Have you met Pink? Where? How did it go and what did you talk about with her?
  • Do you have a Pink tattoo? Where is the tattoo and what is the story behind it?
  • What is your favourite song or album by Pink and what does it mean to you?
  • How has Pink changed your life?